Well, com to Cerulean Nocturne, nex'pearimential poesy 'loggia. You'll find some manual chiroforms of ersatz idioms here. Delve in, undergo a journey behind the oblique mask of formality. Discover brand new shapes of poetry. Associate your own hidden word ships from these Rorschach texts. Dare to plumb the depths. (Awl pored seas subject to paint sun coffee rites berung exhume ten free circa twenty nein, teen! To the Scribblenaught or) Winsome tale. Luzum mined. Secrum wintarred. Dishin fine.

February 10, 2019

Alea Prosescia

Ensteraba continualgas delas mejistercios
Denduele sangreantes magnificadences
Swuungstrom wovenalice trymenthias
Hanstrels oefoerment tanseurmalicient

Winstrom paysed sieulbeaux enlavendeur
finnexieur leftewiung abeurstrunck uldeng
ainsolumente sopheuriencia auronica

grittomilix  suriementes desapearacielieux
mantervised exulpaidierdre gratisunhogar

asoluciounal pierruette accomedieux

January 27, 2019

Scales of the Pentadragon in the Eye of the Storm

From a vortex comes the mountain and off its slopes a desert's shed
Each scintillating mica chip and granule of granite and marble pebble
Tumble down to interpenetrate as a fallen ruin of random rubble
The tilted faces and steppes upon which the thin mycelium creeps

A piezomagnetic deliberation focuses the sun's incoming rays
To generate an ambient field of rising heat and geothermal haze
The alluring wavelengths shimmer and waver upon the transient wind
Invisible shadows of dragons passing each one now a glinting scale

Discarded along the turbulent tail of cyclonic eddies that never fade
Altogether winding and woven into a new towering umbra of shade
Preceding the opening of another eye a satellite disc to receive
The incoming signal bounced off our own star's power to believe

Boosted along this age old pattern encoded to bloom once again
Upon a time and fresh minted region to wink and shine in the blend
Of cosmological energy rushing across the vastness of space
The tears and jettisoned single cells illuminating this place

Like the solitary slipped ocean of teardrop trembling to the shore
Of every continental land curved around to meet up well joined
Along the still captured balance of equilibrium in movement
Creating original diagrams struck off rocks late sparks in the dark

A chaos of order broken into novel forms for the eyes of another
Species never slept but newborn to experience the manifestation
Of stretching into the sunlight to awaken then form the resolution
To lie down in the bedrock of sand and fall sleep so to dream

Something else for a change despite the phantasmagorical nature
Of extra transformation remains bound to the antediluvian profile
The relic itself stays perpetually diffused to be swallowed down
By the sands piling up a grain at a time in the desert of the real

We find ourselves in twice again the perennial princes and queens
Of the wind continually guided by the constant and sudden release
Describing astral eddies in perpetual erosion from gravitational
Forces in a combined discipline to polish the portrait of restraint

A nervous musculature spanning through and beyond all known
Constellations in the remote stellar ponds left behind in the rear
View mirrors constantly in the wake of this ongoing feature built
And destroyed along the immutable orbit of our ever staring eye

January 13, 2019

Xanur xhanE

Zannurchain Xanur xhanE
mirrorizing along the zero rim
the rohirrin ionizing honorarum
stratifies the desolation of laurence
streaming an intemperate inconstancy
channeled at any given random moment
we happen to step into the open interface
reflecting our retina's penultimate advance
ten intervals in time stacked to process them
one expediency received to insulate sensory
for the singleminded revelation possibles
becomes no one but exclusivity's paw
mummified in a drawer box left one
third of the way ajar in an office
room nobody expected to be
involved in these matters of
Enahx runaX niahcrunnaZ

January 11, 2019


Back in tharm days, knobstirrups had it, they flocked rocks 
out on the plains. The way I unnerheard it, twas 'setchy swore 
uppin downy ken, thin reavers of the road ripped 'em. 

Plain shavings left to crumble with the passage of wheels 
in times to come. Red demon Sun inflamed and chasing us 
ever one down the long stretched out shadows of the soul. 

So long as the whole planet keeps rolling, we gone stay on 
the ball, on the dark wrapped up path hidden behind sleep. 
Our lurking black projections sliding tall and winding up amid
a darker ball of memories to disappear into a crowd of stars. 

The cool morning breeze blows in the scent of licorice 
and lemon trees as a camp fire crackles from dusk until
dawn its red embers rendered faint echoes of old whispers 
between the stars.  A western poem's sidled up and hitched
to the only post. From here on out we can't be going far.

January 3, 2019


A strange chanting in the distant darkness 
swelled in volume as I approached: 
Holodomor, Vivasecta. Holodomor, 
Vivasecto. Holomordor, Lotrifecta. 

Loriabasquian, Floridmalditas. Lariavasquien, 
Floridmalditos. Lariatcielos, Tourniquethalos. 
Cuerdaciclona, Tronocolgado. 
Cuerdaciclona, Tronoahogado. 

Torbellinas, Sofocadas. 
Torquemados, Cenizados. 
Torquepretado, Estrangulado. 
Extranolados, Separados. Alienadas, Alguienadas.

Alienadasnadien, Alguiensomosvuestros. Alguiensomos,
Nadiendebe. Alquienuestros, Nadienpuestos.   
To whomever be placed, when no one's positioned.
We are someone no one should be.

No one alienated, Someone becomes ours.
Alienated, Someone no one.
Estranged, Separated.
Torquepressed, Strangled.

Torqueburnt, Ashed.
Little whirlpools, Suffocated.
Rope cyclone, Drowned throne.
Rope tornado, Hung throne.

Lasso skies, Tourniquet halos.
You who lasso, Flowerdamned men.
Flowerdamned women. Basquialoria. 
Lotrifecta. Holomordor. Vivasecto. 

Holodomor. Vivasecta. Holodomor. Recordado. 
Re-escrito. Noloquito. The strange chanting faded 
as my pathway took me on a tangent away 
from the distant darkness swelling in the west.

December 14, 2018

Swerleuvers Intrafficant Lieux

Inamintun crocifiant towardalus benifiscience
sirrunullularily christmenstruating periodicitically
reapanulled deseharvesteadfastened totrellisurging
dynamystic enterpenetrated tutorealists frumbpeen
hammerdawn drawng gowrite alongamount tenuvem
Enhyseizurist eucharosariot tomoliason intercircum
stanished histerianodynasties facinging steulardawn:
: innaglewmortalismany enmeshining syncreditably

November 11, 2018


Leavery untwined dinner tined three tries
from production's forking values in size
left with wind went wherefores and wise
was seen swimming eastward to sunrise
in the late afternoon of a sunset drifting
to swiftly deflower the echoing wakes
of a star we're westerly chasing taking
along the outskirts of skirling man's hats
wheeling this neighborhood ensuring that
we can sense the engulfing of our border
skies most likely sliding by under flights
to be up and about these parts withdrawn
or returned to since we've been out here
so floored and wondering for some time
about it answering the call where it led
swumminlivid uncoiled in our head

October 8, 2018

Irvinas Setalucre

Lucivius heartshocked magnawise
carriagement slungback realmfront
Returnupon ameridianesque invyrality
Sworfysm enetrix curculates anvri:
Horwhenest trambley hererhythms


punctuated shrieksrended onbent winns
warput like a doppler feckt on stareoids
a ruff riff channeled through  doomfuzz
petals amplified ten times in crystal clarity
the constant chirruppings and warblings
of the birds warping in and out of the day
like the reflection on an elongated teardrop
falling away on a memory unraveling
in a melody lost to the raging gales twice
chirps abruptly brought us back from there
twice we weren't certain which one was real

January 14, 2018


Inwich weaplun dearth uvuhsty meems
turbulinated & roiled frum loaming cuhm
pawk etsuranial crawmtvis intudorial sums
refarcinstilled ammanium ondonning.
The Top Unce Spun That Never Endud.