Well, com to Cerulean Nocturne, nex'perimental poetry 'log. You'll find some manual writings of invented language here. Delve in, undergo a journey behind the oblique mask of formality. Discover brand new forms of poetry. Associate your own hidden meaning from these Rorschach texts. Dare to plumb the depths. (Awl poured seas sub decked to pain and coffee rights belong exhumed and free circa twenty seventeen to the Scribblenaught.) Winsome tale. Luzum mind. Secrum wintard. Dish and find.

November 14, 2008


ailed aswe can
et neer mu pan
inst orv il pe

so he'll sirsf
frue thee nims
toard banyusty

fulirisome arx
oftin tesularn
gilding flurzh


Tonight winsome died.
Hard line all walk now.

Quickget workto.
Nowknow whyyou.

Couldgo. tothe.

Aintgottime. tobethere.

Alltherhymes. donothelp.
Forgetmine. seemeslip.

Underthat. tearytrip.
Slipitin. nowitshot.

Ifwesin. wewillrot.
Inandout. gettinhot.

Iamin. blisshere.
Byego. waymyfear.


(infilite nitrate)

sporudden systulence
garnestled in porrans
forstalivate inshorance
perumbenear tollingring

cirshockular expansivist
clarinetting earcanalism
forkumbering neurolling
spligatures stichitching


weesome elden faunders
obur balden, claruh
hawkens stirling
grynder, fudden
soppan rocken tudor
bowlun fundies stillar
passen, cordage aster
bilking fodder comes
aware befour hens dotter

August 26, 2008


from a golden cluster the nexus
of the egg reaches tendrils out
and sends them shimmering pride
ward toward the crab fingered
reaches of a blacker basement

the flip side displayed a red
mapwork of what lies behind a
tear duct that if tumbled would
reveal a hieroglyph gilt edging
underlying the whispered message


sculpted in styro foam
and painted red a tear
drop behind it the int
ricate network of duct
rootling systemics has
been generously mapped
by none other than you
rs truly. allow me to
describe it for you. i
mailed it @ my brother
snail wise and because
it is unique and could
crumble quite easily i
decided i would strive
to mimic its surface i
figured this way these
lines @ least resemble
the piece visually and
perhaps that is the le
ast i can do for now.

July 15, 2008


in spite of rips present
&nbsp the priest tries each sip
&nbsp&nbsp steeped in sin
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp from the steinpire
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp of serpent spirit
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp after the pristine
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp rites of the trip
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp had stirred the ripe
&nbsp&nbsp siren to strip
&nbsp he rises from rest
to enter the present

May 11, 2008


How to for here can we follow what's far
if an ordinance port ain scullery gallows
are credulous offers for flowerist fellows
does it not ask us to winsome and tired
for collaring boarders who don't pay ashored
wise despite pocketlinings be dusted
with more'n'copper most times?

How to then can we look elsewise
lest offering newly mint promissories?
The secreted tryth trust in which we
become fussed became the blind fold
worn mostly from lust and determinism
followed the vectors of hollow eyed
lined-ups, wellwishing a departure

or falling right out from the locally
advertised directional flow those
in the know secrete from the go
and off they went well spent gents
and lissome ladies freed of mental
leashes whose eyes discreet perceive
the walls of the halls are not tall,

all it takes is a minor jump and
a fall from which meadowgrass
can we brushed and abandon
the rush, the sprawl contains
all while the blind in loose moon's
capture shacklechained in their
rosary games genuflect in some

royalgeneric name to expedite
a sigilkey where there's no need
to throw away once forgotten
soon evaporated so repetition
cements a lockjaw step with
a nation of geese all too pleased
to meander to the slaughter

not even dimly aware of the fodder
they fear to be daughtered by,
the father they're queer for,
the lamb of the lot, to be tested
and nether wrought for another
distressed of a feather needed
to ballast an elegant weather,

well I'm afraid not he hollered
at her, in fact they'd rather remain
slaves and shunned was the nexus
between their inspections where
only disapproval was won in the
face of it on the worn away faces
where worn away lies the expression

mostly noted for deception,
the honest inquestioning why.
Suffice it to be said some know
ledge is not meant to be fed
to one another the point of the
matter to let such things grow
wild is lost on a people that

belong to a nation besotted
with overtures of predatory
pain and addiction, pining for
a sorrow so long ago forgotten,
shaping our tomorrow from
something so rotten, welcome
to the compost heap of old dreams.

It was always the dreaming itself,
not the dreamed that brought us
to the vision that is currently seen
depreciating in the rearview of the
diminishing road, solid as a carbon
figure about to explode, iconoclast
construction all set to corrode.

The corruption of the empire.
Vampiric spiritual tyranny.
Steering empirical mirrors.
One tilt and a grinning
comes into view. Even
though you weren't looking,
guess who?

April 8, 2008


congruence in
sequences grew
come to ruin
influential congressmen
industrial aggression
in a trail of dust a lesson
evaporates carelessly in
a pirate's caress lies
an apple in a carcass's eye
enabling a cancerous legion
an apple in a carcass's eye
a pirate's caress lies
evaporates carelessly in
a trail of dust a lesson
industrial aggression
influential congressmen
come to ruin and
sequences grew
in congruence

January 12, 2008


a corrugated fibular bostratchity
filtered alongside a barrel of inst
in a room that was plenty of mental
for an issue of radular stress

so to be totally honest about it
there's a snitcheter out on the breeze
so if it turned out a cordial histrionic
was ratified a dimensionless exercise

in surreptitiously concurring to a tonic
an essential blade of ink cuts through
a flickering wound tasted between shadows
to cast the runes of aspersion

January 11, 2008


desenchanters en unisen
thrawen togedere
mara cadere

sortiarius schateren doun
gaderian draen
consolari tacan

labi collapsus consternare
disconcerter consummare
hangen hed unt vindr staren

hysteros oculus
glaes sheld
toweards se futurus