Well, com to Cerulean Nocturne, nex'perimental poetry 'log. You'll find some manual writings of invented language here. Delve in, undergo a journey behind the oblique mask of formality. Discover brand new forms of poetry. Associate your own hidden meaning from these Rorschach texts. Dare to plumb the depths. (Awl poured seas sub decked to pain and coffee rights belong exhumed and free circa twenty seventeen to the Scribblenaught.) Winsome tale. Luzum mind. Secrum wintard. Dish and find.

December 26, 2010


Thickly agglomerated oases
in curved, rib-refracted light
puddle the trombone-gold quill-tip
reflecting a slightly bent
quickslipping, vanishing view
of the words receding
in the rearview mirrored.

A well, fuming open
and re-inserted into
for the talon's pointing finger
to draw from (the sap it bleeds
is lain out in exact patterns)
and from which a conspiracy
is slowly drawn, by the slow
pulling of a plunger.

Finds its way to the heart
(being detoured to a delta)
and left to dry out
onto parchment
less magnetized
than dust.

As such, left
in minds
to rust.

for a bluer
with a

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