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August 29, 2010


Esau wuld tryda tell that azye camehithuren yondersome
quonting the dawne, "Woulds't thou sands of yews greene
ovyer atrewsummoning riverwards of another's recented
anttagular instrew meant allyed tinticularism

Before stareback could rootsink, I swelled up an answerve.
Waved look away as if a moth had bothered. "Goan sourd."
He took the meaning even if he didn't quiter undercrouch it.
Horizon relatively quavered, overed into golden spillages.

"Gown swurd" was all that croaked from the warbicular
throat ensconcerelled, as it were, quite right in the light
of night dimming through photosolar shuttling
of a woven winkfest slipping and folding open,
then blotting out closed the plumbshine.

A massfront of slippence inning
particulinarily as unfelt mist wandered
through in constant passing orbit heating up
the twilit leftovers of a slowburned radio
shunning from half forgotten lives whose voicest
ensnared, earned an immediate release into crumbling.

As a cloud mouths across whatever colorless sky,
Ie was here for yourn to dew or die, so why O why
is yourse still alive, ayestress on a waiting table
turning in the morning gyre, completence off a starwunk
struck a beaming neutron sun.

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