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February 6, 2011


sliph stoled, thewinnerings understooped from a dulcekular skiestring
allina waynworty scurrilens tiumbs anameras fordicu lacingstreamers
wending waywort growthunderous appraisals darkened kennelfreed
onwurst ravenways borderrun by sweptback grasses countoured
incircularedoes ripplected refilled into seizurisms anst
pardune squirestruck forthween histeyes aryan finders
rewent downstreaked viastamen hollowed by reedgrown
instilnature aldosane feterzine crelled in subwor
sunkin reedsamare left twidulled in a heatblink
overstun radioshining intowardined leaflets
twined intrinsed and ratiocinized over
certainly accepted phenomenology such
as carrion instilled dreamerveins
held in such parodic manipulation
that a dragon horde of similar-minded
entrepeneurs of delusion corral their
midwife minded superiors exaltinsel grown
harrying supporters of interdynamical linkings
jettisoned from leftover expectations flarestruck
back with an edges melting exhaust curling away all
the evidence of photographed historian's recollections
melded in a spectacular shuffle array blending forth three
miraculous simultarnished mythawent spreads tracing and leached
of the mulched elemental earthen stainware culled from the carrion
train, carrying the conversionalistical chemistry process only held
still in the conception's mind of an ideal imagistic portrait left to wait

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