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December 5, 2013


Abandon losing the act of no longer stopping 
to not pretend you don't mind and start to begin 
realizing that eventually you'll learn to discover 
that all you continue to do is care, so join up with 
the rest of the achievers and get with the program
primed to execute an array of exercises necessary 
to continue the process of keeping us mindful about 
prolonging our self-awareness toward behaving 
naturally after having lost everything we've known. 

Discover finding the dream of still starting to act 
like you care and stop to finish casually that which
you'll never forget to lose so nothing you cease doing 
becomes wary, just fall away down without the left 
over losers and escape from the grind to cancel one 
excuse possibly to stop the development of freeing 
their apathy in no way related to concluding their 
environmental awareness away from acting funny 
before not having found anything they've forsaken. 

Forget misplacing the reality of never ending to 
behave in earnest and start to begin apprehensive 
that you'll always remember to find everything you 
undertake is careful, so fly up and out with the 
proper under dogs and be trapped in the country 
to start another justification improbably to begin 
deteriorating the trapping of your own ambition 
in a manner similar to beginning that self-awareness 
toward behaving normal after possessing all that's lost. 

Remember to store fantasies of always beginning to
jokingly misbehave and finish ending oblivious to that 
which you'll seldom forget to misplace, for any thing you 
give up by acting careless will sink down and drown 
with the wrong hungover losers, so feel free in the city 
to end another personal bias in all likelihood stopping 
the construction of freeing that hopelessness in a way 
different from ending their ecological reverie from 
acting strangely before losing purely nothing found. 

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