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June 22, 2015


  May the body

of text 

resembling the translucent eye 
not yet conceived

by a family of readers

  never before associated 
with becoming

    in the meticulous

unfolding of  lives

a hindrance to the primal

along with our willfulness
to forsake

continuing these passages

    without the brave

pioneers eradicating  
outer fringes

of a massive bulk

 foreseen as the approaching 

and the evaporating 
ice block

carried  by   tremendous velocity
in the rear cab of a train 

allow   these vapors
  to swirl    as  colorful associations


   with  violence 
whose immediate proximity

of      cool wintering  
 with the startled

abandon of a leaf 
      just forgotten

 among the few heated 
whispers of birds

  awakened before  
     the transmitted
upon astonished lines 
 humming  to evaporate   
with only blue
left on     steps 

along   lines 
of fortified egos
  those  shells of ice

 swept up
 by the hired help

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