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May 10, 2019

A Quick Exam of a Sickening Trend

No, a sudden data up surge
of irrelevance overflow inconsistency
parameters must be ashatternated exstance.
Divideriders must snivel and assemble
and go their own way flown hung dickens
ertscribing merriwinsome architecticians
manuflowering Ellery over another one
to come over and every which way of a stumble
arriven on the scene before the action gloats
over necks shuttling blood beneath tissue layers
in successive bursts of cells in busy traffic
a hand upon a pulse may increase the rhythm
of the heart under examination so as to make it
virtually impossible to measure the normal rate
of another's heartbeat unless you're dancing with them
where a measure of charred truce is suddenly called for
when your partner's gaze reflects back without you in it
only the fuel of the pounding surf may awaken a need to go on
continuealliance says assisted along the need to feed
a smorgasborg of crawlateral fedback transfusions
enough to light up a cadaver lantern bright red
hanging from the scaffolds on the skiffs downriver
floating in unison pale white cells where star light
barely penetrates, a muffled reminder there may be warmth
offered along the way yet one may have to run for it
before it evaporates altogether from the nethermost.

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